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Introducing Alyss. The all new signee to PMR records, originally from Brighton in the United Kingdom and currently roaming London town. She is in her twenties and just revealed ‘The Talking Palm Tree’ taken from her debut EP ‘Answers’ dropping on 29th April 2016.

Alyss has had her fair share of pretty high-profile featurings prior to self-producing her own material with most notably Chloé Martini, Snakehips and SG Lewis.

Today she unleashes some quality sounds and production skills with the sensational single ‘The Talking Palm Tree’ track.Putting forward some exquisite soul, ace vocals and laid-back grooves. The gal is influenced by contemporaries such as Little Dragon, Flying Lotus and the almighty Alicia Keys.

Alyss says about single ‘The Talking Palm Tree’ as being about :

The garden of Eden; the beginning of patriarchal reign. If freedom was a place – what would the real Garden of Eden look like?


[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Other tracks featuring Alyss…”]

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