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When they’re not roaming the parisian underground scene at killer gigs like the one Sean Nicholas Savage gave at Espace_b in Paris, Alexander Van Pelt and Ben Lupus don their Japenese Nô masks and become Mount Analogue. They are a rare breed of twenty something’s producing mesmerizing and staggering electronic music. The duo is an electro « drone » band from Paris, France. Their name is inspired by the unfinished novel of René Dauval. The two guys express their progressive and psychedelic feelings with electronic machines and heavy percussions. They explore the realms of computer programs, the many repetitions of sound, a kind of perpetual improvisation while live, reaching  at times up to ten minutes per track.

And it’s no different with their newest offering. Clocking in at an astounding twelve dizzying minutes. You better sit comfortably before hitting play on this EPIC track called “閻魔” (Yama, in Japanese) we have the honor to premiere for you today on sodwee.com. They’re on AB Records, home of Island Kizhi whom we also premiered a fantastic video in the past. And the brilliant KCIDY and her “Pursuit” EP.

Mount Analogue are set to released their 3-track EP,閻魔 (Yama) – titled after the first track – on November 11th 2014 via AB Records. After putting out some real killer tracks you can hear when Renan introduced them back in October of 2013

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