Daughter – Le Trianon – 17.10.16

Daughter - Le Trianon - 17.10.16
Oooh Daughter. You've creeped up on me yet again. Nostalgia hits again whenever you perform like this. Dear me. Playing to a crowd like this made me crumble inside. The set was brilliantly balanced with a large "Not To Disappear" phase, another oldie "The Wild Youth" EP for day-one-fans towards the encore and some highlight including "Medicine", "Youth" and "Candles". All of which concluded a great Monday night out with you at Le Trianon in Paris. A beautiful setting for a great band in full control of their craft.
Set Performance8.6
Band/Artist Performance9
Band/Artist Interaction9.2
Show Lenght9
Reader Rating2 Votes9.5
Diverse set
Set lenght
Not Sold Out
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Daughter @ Le Trianon in Paris, France 17/10/2016
  1. New Ways
  2. Numbers
  3. Alone/With You
  4. How
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Winter
  7. DTRT
  8. Mothers
  9. Love
  10. No Care
  11. To Belong
  12. Human
  13. Youth
  14. Smother
  15. Shallows
  16. Medicine
  17. Candles
  18. Fossa


Photos from the night


  • Pahul says:

    Thanks for your review, snaps and setlist Sodwee! Their performance was just incredible <3 You mentioned that they played the song entitled Candles, though you forgot to put it in the setlist. I can't remember if they played it as the first or second song in the encore, tell me if you can remember? (they indeed played 3 encore songs, two of them being old songs from their EPs!)

    • Sodwee says:

      Hey there Pahul, thanks for your comment. Yep I think they did indeed play “Candles” but weren’t planning on playing it. That’s why it wasn’t mentioned in the setlist. I’ll add it now.

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