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This stunner of a track came through the submissions and boy did it not disappoint. I knew right there and then, that I’d be covering the track “Tr Pp N” (pronounced Trippin’ ?) by Dwen.

Teh East London outfit already released two tracks last year, “Dread’ard” and “Ponytail” (listen in PASSPORT section). The new single and past tracks channel some Blood Orange, Toro Y Moi and Arthur Russell among other underground artists. The trio’s name, Dwen, is derived from the mischievous mythological entities found in Trinidad & Tobago but also a play around the term ‘Duende’.

Dwen explains:

exploring the conflict and ambivalence of some relationships, half ironically, but with an appreciation for what these songs mean and the universal feeling they convey, however contrived they seem on the surface.”

The band are based out of a DIY studio in East London functioning has a creative hub for many up-and-coming artists and musicians including the likes of Ama Lou and Fabiana Palladino. As well as inviting one of our favourite duos Jadu Heart over to lend some backing vocals on their latest single “Tr Pp N”.

Expect a lot more from Dwen over the coming months as they prepare to deliver an Album/EP this year. Also expect more interesting collaborations on future tracks. Now enjoy their available material below in PASSPORT and follow them on social with the link provided further down.


Listen to “Ponytail” below:

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