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The team of music writer is getting very interesting. Let me introduce Lex Low, aka Alex, freshly arrived to the exciting team already in place. Lex Low / Alex Treharne is a well travelled 22 year old songwriter / musician / plant based kid – plane hopping between London, Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Most will know Alex as Lex Low, the main man behind the musical project.

There’s a new one from Fantastic Fantastic and it’s been worth the wait. ‘Call me’ opens with a sequence of sampled vocals with a bed of warped synths bouncing beneath. That rhythmic dynamism continues throughout the opening chorus. The track builds through a crescendo of filtered samples until it breaks open into a stripped back iteration of that initial hook. That dynamic sensitivity is key to giving this track some legs, as the production is otherwise sparse and restrained.

Fantastic Fantastic have managed to retain elements of earlier releases that defined their sound, namely the lively bass lines that pair so well with the duo’s laid back vocals. It feels like there’s still avenues that they wish to explore – each one of the preceding releases has been noticeably different from the last – however, this current sound is a satisfying blend of nostalgia and relevance.

They manage to straddle genres with ease. You can hear similarities in production with 80’s inspired pop/electronic artists such as HONNE. However, rhythmically and melodically it’s more dynamic –  think faster paced indie outfits like Everything Everything. Previous singles were released through London based record label 37 Adventures – currently housing exciting talent in JONES, Royce Wood Junior and Krrum.

Hopefully, there’s an EP on the horizon where the pair can flex their creative muscles. They may even benefit from a few collaborations (much like HONNE did by including JONES on ‘No Place Like Home’.) Maybe they can make use of those 37 Adventures connects.

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