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Fantastic Fantastic, are up-&-comers from London. The duo, both male, are Kris & Micke. They’ve previously released two songs, ‘Houses’ and ‘Never Enough’. Picked up straight away by all the decent music  blogs around it was only a matter of time before they finally made it to Sodwee.com…

The pair isn’t totally anonymous to the music scene over the pond. In fact, they used to roam the bars and venues DJing. But it’s with original material that their appeal strikes the most, at least for us. Think of a track that could of found it’s way on a poppier, slightly more colorful “Drive” soundtrack and a sharper result to impress any listener who dare to hit play. So yeah, go forth hit play. You’ll instantly fall in love with those synths for sure. And we also invite you to listen to the other fab tracks they’ve posted…

‘The Night’ is taken from the forthcoming single ‘Boulevard’

And if you were wondering, and were blessed with a curious nature, you’d have already sourced the guy who designed their logo masterpiece. Yep, it’s Dutch Artist Jordy Van den Niewendijk who worked on the design. Just as a side note, he also worked for Lacoste, Konbini, Hema, Converse and no other than the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago. No less.

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