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Just released on November 1oth, BenZel‘s debut EP, ‘Men’ is a very efficient, bold, pop statement. With collaborating superstars Jessie Ware & Ryn Weaver featuring on the vocals of “Wasted Love” and “Touch” respectively, the once dubbed “two teenage japanese exchange students” making music are in fact Benny Blanco and Ben Ash also known as Two Inch Punch. The latter has produced Ware’s sophomore album “Tough Love”. If that isn’t enough credit, then I don’t know how to turn you on to their debut EP : ‘MEN’ which you can listen below. Be absolutely sure to chack out the lead single “Touch” with Ryn Weaver as its a great dollop of modern trap music infused with classic R&B vocals. Warped to perfection by the duo… Listen…

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