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Heading down a windy road, dodging traffic and raptured thoughts – we’ve all been there. It’s a mind palace of rumination on autopilot. The funny thing about autopilot is that the foundation and skill has to be there first. Skill that Madame Ghandi, aka Kiran Ghandi and former drummer for M.I.A., has got a lot of. If you’re accustomed to vocals or guitar riffs guiding you, “Wazey” is a whole new world. Madame Ghandi sucks you in with familiar vocal samples (much like Kiiara‘s track “Gold”) before throwing us into a whirlwind of raw drum beats. Who says drummers are the least popular in the band? Beat boxing, electronic midi notes and real snares sounds – Madame Ghandi hands them over in this promising track.

And let’s go back to that autopilot mode – the kind where your eyes take in the sights right before you but your emotions are in 100% throwback state? Produced by Anthony Saffery (Cornershop, Portugal The Man, Beck), “Wazey” will take you down that road all while you sit in your own seat. Keep your ears out for Madame Ghandi, where she takes her music next will be a treat.


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