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Sometimes this fact comes as a surprise but it really shouldn’t: Rap has the largest vocabulary of all music genres. Maybe it’s because they can fit on words in a bar (musically and literally) or because the artists study dictionaries to find rhymes and make meaning, but when it comes down to music, it’s amazing to hear years worth of stories and emotions poured into a 4-min song. “First Day” (featuring Beau Young Prince) was the first track that brought our attention to the talented 19 year old Frenchman, Astre. The soothing instrumentals behind “First Day” tell an emotional story that’s just as strong as Beau Young Prince‘s words. It throws away the notion that words are king to painting pictures. Beats and rhythm do just as great as of job.

“First Day” was just a hook into Astre‘s music. The rest of his 4-track EP “Dreams of Gold” is a melodic journey built on a foundation of hip-hop, electronica and chillwave. With vocal samples from films, Astre builds a cinematic experience where drive-through theaters and avant-garde clubs unite. Finishing off with an absolutely peaceful track in the last track “Last Day,” Astre closes the music box and leaves us wanting to reopen, rewind and re-listen.

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