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To the point, catchy hooks, sing-along chorus, “Northern Lights” by Swedish native KATE BOY is much more than that. Complex, yet seemingly effortless production complete with mesmerizing synths sends shivers down your spine as you go through the track. Their debut album is out beginning of next year, but they have sent out a clear message to the world with this track: “Stick with us, we’re here to stay”.

And that’s not it yet folks, they also have a stellar video to come with the equally stellar track, what more are you asking for. The swedes are out in force these days (think Robyn, The Knife…) and aesthetics among bands are getting more appealing (think Purity Ring and their butterfly alien cocoons on stage…). The video, directed by Sikow and animator Oskar Gullstrand, plays with spatial images splicing human features and ambient color textures… take a look. and download the track above…

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