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With a sharp sense for cleverly written lyrics, mesmerizing percussions and an addictive trumpet hook constantly ringing in the back of our brains. BiLLLy manages once again to retain our attention span the time needed to achieve anthemic take-over of our fandom. This East-London chap once born in Shropshire, is spearheading the “DIY R&B” movement with is composition skills and producing wizardry. Fed on jazz artists like Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk by his father as well as developing a keen ear for all kinds of music through his formative years as part of a local band (Wow) as well as traveling around. BiLLLy strikes as a fresh, innovative and well armed artist on the ever boiling London music landscape and the release of new single “Moving” just confirms that upwards path to success.

‘Moving’ touches on persistence and not being burdened by failed relationships. The new single holds a wealth of sounds from soulful vocal delivery, to persistent drum lines and powerful bass topped by a really catchy hook brilliantly displayed by the trumpet here. A fresh new song with the BiLLLy trademark signature we’ve come to expect from previous releases including but not limited to ‘Feeling Shuggie‘ and ‘Up In The Air‘, listen further down in the PASSPORT section along with the collab’ with another Sodwee.com favourite: Betsy.

BiLLLy delivers new single ‘Moving’ out December 8th via his own Sweat E.

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