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Hello all. We’ve been busy these past few months trying our pitiful skills at making mixtapes for you to enjoy. So far, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reaction and the support you’ve shown on social networks. We have made 6 of them and thought it was about time to come forward on the blog and just state that we actually love making them and will hopefully carry on selecting, curating and keeping them coming your way.

They’re a fantastic way to discover new music, stuff you might have not heard before, some oldies, and a curated selection of the Best New Tracks of recent weeks. They capture a mood, a moment in time. We believe they’re different from playlist as they come in a non dissociable package. Some kind of thinking went into them, for the most part it’s just unconscious. For the rest, it’s whatever we dig over time, right now and what we think will be big in the near future. As time goes, we hope to get better at making them. Allow some time to fiddle with Ableton Live, it’s a little overwhelming at times, and the learning curve is super steep for someone like me. But I’m an autodidact, self-taught in all aspects of learning. This is what I love doing. Learning on the job.

Anyway enough rambling, let’s cut to the crap and the real stuff. Here are the six mixtapes we’ve put together, you can listen to them via the Mixcloud.com embed playlist below or individually… We’ll be adding them irregularly, when we fancy a new one really. So best if you start following us at Mixcloud. Do not forget to repost them around, and click the favourite button if you like what you hearing of course. It would absolutely mean the world to us.

Select the one you’d like to listen (navigate, and click on desired mixtape)

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