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Put it on the company card. Too much is never enough. Think nothing. Feel everything. Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Client Liaison.

That’s how their Soundcloud description introduces this pair of musicians from Melbourne, Australia. Recently embarked to support Flight Facilities on their tour. This full on 80’s influenced duo will win your heart over with their melodic hooks and wicked cheesy guitar solos. The latest track ‘Feed The Rhythm’ is just another confirmation of the dance/pop, Cut Copy-esque direction the pair are taking. They also recently collaborated on a remix project for ’90s Music’ with Kimbra. The fashion forward duo create refreshing tracks to be enjoyed best while driving down a coastal road, with stunning sunsets, awesome wheels and pretty hot chicks. Check “Feed The Rhythm” (above) and the previous tracks they’ve shared below

Client Liaison‘s debut EP out on December 2nd via Remote Control.

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‘International in flavour, cosmopolitan in style’

The band’s interests range from alpine sports, diplomacy, australian literature, foreign affairs, mining to swimming. Makes for an interesting band doesn’t it !?

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