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Clocking in at just over three minutes on the timestamp, Seramic‘s newest jam is just another clue into his enigmatic existence. Having previously released two other stunning tracks in the name of “People Say” and “Waiting” to much critical acclaim across the board. The London based artist returns with “Found” today. Which will have you sitting on the edge of your swivel chair holding on for dear life, as he prowls through every emotions he has and thus delivering a mind-blowing moment of true soul, gospel-like magnificence. Stick around until he kicks in that front door in like a whole SWAT team just came smashin’in the middle of the night to search for a suspected terrorist. And you remain there, in the corridor, like some deer stuck in between two headlights looking for a way out. Gobsmacked by the direction of such a compelling execution. Both vocally and with the instrumental.

Seramic manages to renew his style with every track he puts out. Putting forward different aspects of his songwriting at the forefront of the creative process, he can only shine. We thank him for that, and that is why we’d like to share this newest offering with you guys today:

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