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BATTS drops her third solo effort. It’s named “Kiki”, and should spark some real awe. BATTS had debuted her solo career in 2015 with two previous singles. Morals and For That, I’m Sorry, grabbing attention and well deserved support from the online community as well as friends of ours such as Hillydilly, Indie Shuffle. All of which led to some radio playlist inclusions in the UK and australia.

Batts has spent equal time between Melbourne, in Australia and the UK after flying to the Birmingham countryside to work with her long time collaborator, Ficci. Whom might we add, she met and discovered through Soundcloud. Together they come up with a perfect blend of electronic and organic elements. Which successfully translates into injecting life in the emotive soundscape Batts creates within her tracks. Listen to “Kiki” below to get a feel for the amazing music she offers. And carry on further to listen to more of her body of work.

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Kiki is a song about the over thinking element that takes over your mind after a break up and during the initial stages of heartbreak.

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