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What were you up to at seventeen? If you’re like me, pretty much up to no real good for the world or yourself, right? We have been going through the queue of submissions over at SubmitHub this afternoon when this little wonder of a track by Alex McArtor titled “Biggest Fan” came through our headphones.

It resonated with me in a big way. As a true, albeit self-proclaimed, die-hard fan of The White Stripes and anything Jack White touches by large. I totally get the feeling Alex McArtor encapsulates in this Lana Del Rey and Lorde hybrid of a vocal delivery. It is alternative-rock with a zest of folk wrapped in an indie packaging that is very compelling to me. Both lyrically and with great instrumentation on offer that track takes off to dizzying heights in that second half which is crazy bonkers to us!!

“Biggest Fan” was one of the first songs that I ever wrote. I wrote it back when I was 15 years old and very much at the age of when you’re riding the wave of naivety, at the height of your fantasy and romanticism for new experiences and young love…basically the eclipse of the age of innocence. I grew up going to music festivals and concerts, which was very much a part of the culture of my youth. We looked at the people on stages as if they were immortal, totally entranced by their music and persona, as if they were singing just for us.

The second part of the track is absolutely amazing to listen to. The vocal output just puts anything I tried creatively back in my teens to shame, a useless attempt at something worthwhile. Indeed, nothing will stop this young 17-year-old artist. She’ll go through highs, and lows like everyone else for sure. But she can make it past and still be awesome after the teenage storm passes. And we genuinely think the Texas-born singer-songwriter manages remarkably and stays well clear of any damaging events that still inevitably lie ahead for her. That’s our wish. Because, I’d still want to hear what Alex McArtor has to say in a few years time.


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