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Freshly baked and ready to impress. Enjoy this selection. Don’t forget to like, comment, repost and favourite on Mixcloud. Let us know your favourite track in the comment section below… This mixtape is best heard with a set of headphones or earbuds.

Tracklist :

  • Intro
  • Drinker – Even If I Know
  • Tom Misch & Yussuf Dayes – Nightrider
  • Romell – Picture Me Falling
  • Frank Ocean – Swim Good
  • Donald Trump – Bing Bing Bang Bong
  • Josa Barck – The Future
  • Donald Trump – The wettest from the standpoint of water
  • Empress Of – Bit Of Rain
  • James Brown – Living in America
  • Donald Trump – White Hair
  • Terri Walker – Breakout feat. Rodney P.
  • MGMT – Tslamp
  • From White To Gray – Paranoid
  • Outro

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