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Back on the last day of 2015, Dearskye got us talking about a new outfit on the block and compared it to beneficial rain spells, listening to Seramic‘s “People Say” was akin to “Turning an irritation into awe“.

Well today, after a quiet return to the studio, Seramic is back full throttle with a brand new single that sure brings the good feel-good fix of the soulful gospel vibes we’ve been accustomed to on his debut number, and with a snappier, a little more up-beat bassline (think a prince-esque aura here) onto the track, Seramic has been able to put smiles in the attendance, once again. Keep a very close look on this artist. He’ll make waves this year, specifically after an Austin stint ? Possibly, maybe ? In the meantime, take a listen and follow his online estates further down.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared track”]

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