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Lulu James is a young British artist hailing from South Shields in the blistering cold of the North East whose sound blends irresistible soul over electronica. She was born in Tanzania and could once run 100 metres in 11.31 seconds. Since the unveiling of her debut tunes ‘Rope Mirage’ and ‘The End’ the interest has been phenomenal. Including from a range of fellow peers that have embraced her vocals. One in particular comes to mind: Jon Hopkins, as brilliantly illustrated below in the track “We Disappear”:

“Terrifying Thing” is Lulu James‘ first independently released track from an album she’s been working over the last 6 months. She signed to Sony RCA a few years ago, but never managed to release an album.

“Terrifying Thing” is be available to stream on Spotify (June 30th).

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