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Editor's Note
We were supposed to exclusively host a Premiere of the remix/track a week back but sadly got horribly dismissed by the record label half-way through the process and after we had written our little insignificant article. So we’re taking the liberty to add some sarcasm to the story and host a TRACK DERNIERE instead. I will not name any names here. But rest assured this won’t go unnoticed. Music bloggers never forget.

Best, Ben.

What happens when two of our favorite acts team together and make music? Well this smooth as heck Remix of M.I.L.K.‘s smooth summer powerhit “U and Me” by Leisure whom we extensively covered in the past drops soon after on SODWEE.COM. Both bands have high street-credibility status in our hearts and because of that and the fact we know you dig them too. We went ahead and bent the golden rule we impose ourselves here at Sodwee.com : the almighty – “No Remixes Rule”. For the better, take a listen to Leisure’s take on M.I.L.K.’s “U and Me” :

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