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The next track, I heard last week, with a little advance premium and instantly fell for the Ben Khan-esque intro to the lead single “Saviour” from the debut EP by Deaths. And to add to the feel-good insult, I had to play the song on repeat to exhaustion too, yeah it’s that good. This is a band you will have to do with for a lengthy period of time because these guys are here to stay.

Formed in Brooklyn by Igor Bruso, who writes the songs, and now based in Berlin. The band has released a singularly beautiful piece here and we encourage you to listen to the entire discography they have (3-tracks) below. The guitar-heads out there will be pleased… Trust us.

The societies these days are not working on themselves in terms of education or just being a good human being… the only thing that defines these products are their statuses. – Igor Bruso

Deaths will release their debut EP via upcoming “creative hotel,” Love by Mistake, alongside newcomers and head turners like IYES, Rude and their newest act, dné.

I really want to write a love song or love prayer but I truly feel I just can’t do it right…. It’s not that I haven’t loved or cannot love but there are so many issues and things surrounding me and my collective as people, that I need to express these things firstly within my art.

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