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Ark Xavia – “99 days” (spin above)… So much Leon Bridges to it. The Indie Curator will appreciate. YOu will too. Enjoy. No much else is known from the act.at the moment. It’s a matter of time though. Expect a rise in the popularity or a Next Big Thing feature in the near future.

Welcome to another edition in our infamous Cloud Droppings. This week we’d like to put the spotlight on these artists and bands. We haven’t got much time on our hands right now, we’re knee deep in some frantic period for us. Here’s the selection of kickass tunes you’ve been hanging around for….

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With the amount of music I have to spin, I can only select a few to do write ups on – it’s a one man operation here, and my grey cells are dwindling by the hour – so here’s a little weekly bonus selection of music we haven’t had the time to cover but really do recommend nonetheless those one liners are where I usually start my posts. It’s packed with the latest tracks, gems, and dancefloor goodness you’ve come to expect from Sodwee.com. Sit back, enjoy those Cloud Droppings and Like us on Facebook :

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[/item] [/accordion] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”cln”]Left Behind was dropped this week by Brisvegas producer cln off his upcoming EP, as well as announcing his first headline tour of Australia.We had recently covered the Aussie lad with “Hold Me” and we’re eagerly looking forward to the future EP…

[/tab] [tab title=”T I O”]Day Fort is a mesmerizing electronic track you really need to pay attention to. If the thunderdome was beyond, and a phoenix nest is that sacred place where we launch from to return to fire, then the fort we create is like the passing day, gone with dawn and up all night. Dance will never die as long as you can still see the fire’s trails in the black of the sky.

[/tab] [tab title=”blasé”]On My Own (Blipp) – LISTEN TO THIS ! Blasé‘s Debut track will inevitably remind you of a weird mix of Kanye West, James Blake and D’Angelo tumbling away furiously in a dryer. The track speaks about self-reflection in its most raw state. Blasé‘s EP ‘A’  is to be released later this summer 2015.

[/tab] [tab title=”Gulf”]Ocean represents a mini-psych symphony in two parts- The band formed in Liverpool just last year. They deliver groove-laden beats, snaking bass lines and the seeming inability to differentiate between established genres. It’s somewhere in between pop, psychedelia and disco. We just discovered their existence, and we think they need to cross the channel at some point. Come to Paris !

[/tab] [tab title=”Gelka”]Million Nights ft. Phoenix Pearle – Teaming up with their permanent vocalist, Phoenix Pearle, known from Nightmares On wax, Gelka returns with a delicate, fine and melodic song, “Million Nights”. Your perfect sundowner, chilled out summer sesh out on the decks at Café Del Mar… You’ ll like this, trust our ears and your own senses.

[/tab] [tab title=”Pizá”]It’s Too Easy – “Skinny jeans and checkered shoes are the norm from the moment pink smoke and neon signs took you for a dance”. Dip in nu disco, electro-funk, but most notably 80’s revival here with Pizá’s – “It’s Too Easy”. Influences range from Genesis, David Bowie, James Brown, to Rick James and Mr Mister via 8-tracks and gritty neon signs…

[/tab] [tab title=”Loukoko”]Down –  We did mean to post about Loukoko earlier in the month but did get round to it. Consider us blown over by her stunning performance opening for Tei Shi the other day. So much so in fact, we really had to share… DO visit her Soundcloud profile for more tracks ! Young french talent here and ready to take over !

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