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Roooooarrr. That’s how this artwork was named in the email I got from Paul Grelet describing his latest illustration for this week’s Sundaze Playlist #53. It’s just amazing work again. Anyways, we’ve caught up with the lack of tracks from our last edition. And this one is bound to make you happy. We’ve got a great selection of tracks ready to be played by your hi-fi system… Get a hold of this Sundaze and just chill along with some of the best new tracks that surfaced this week… ENJOY

  1. Thiago Pethit – Porque Me Volvi Un Bandido
  2. Valentina – Gabriel
  3. Moko – Homesick
  4. Caught A Ghost – No Sugar In My Coffee
  5. Thiago Pethit – Essa Canção Francesa
  6. Ralfi Pagan – I Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (4 Hero remix)
  7. Wintercoats – Heartful (Burial Reprise)
  8. Fair Weather Friends – Fly By
  10. SZA – WINGS (Prod. Patrick Lukens)
  11. Benin City – My Love
  12. Baby Alpaca – Run With You
  13. Thunderhank – House
  14. Har Mar Superstar – Restless Leg
  15. Sea Dramas – Now it’s Sunday Morning
  16. SZA – KISMET (Outro Prod. Zodiac)

Sundaze #53

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