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When not acting as a chess coach or studying at university, Callan Alexander or better known under the name cln makes and creates some real sick beats from his hometown of Brisbane in Australia. The latest track to drop only a few hours ago was “Hold Me”. The first single off his upcoming six-track EP he plans to release in the near future.

In high fashion, style and know-how, the 19 year old producer delivers once again a dark, deep and drenched number drawing from his emotions. He’s undeniably rising as the maker of chilled future-beat producer in Australia… One to be watching in the coming months if you want your street-credibility to be taken as such.

Callan Alexander says of “Hold Me” :

I wanted this track to be an expression of myself and where I wanted my music to be. I decided to sing on this one as well, something I had been too scared to do in the past. So while I’m slightly terrified about releasing this track, I’m also really glad I’m able to put something out that’s a bit more personal

cln isn’t a newcomer per say, and has already been acclaimed by the likes of SIA for his Katie Noonan’s Vanguard “Peace Is My Drug” (via Twitter) with his stellar remixes for CrookedColours, Kilter, Wookie and ODESZA amongst other high profile acts out there.

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