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Good evening all, we’ve just come back from a gig and tracks keep pouring in. It’s Tuesday after all. Latest to come through the pigeonhole here at Sodwee.com HQ is the latest track by Gosh Pith whom we already introduced to you earlier in the year and really thought they’d become something. The pair are from Detroit, MI. That’s what we had to say about them in a nutshell :

… My point is, Gosh Pith make for some real good music. It’s mostly chilled tunes. With cosmic soundscapes and their lyrics are on point. Same goes for the production […] you won’t regret. best served with a late night whisky on the rocks / or a perfectly chilled beer.

This newest track “Child”, comes across as a great soulful tune. Bringing in an unsuspected side to their already broad range of influences and different approaches while retaining some signature guitar skill  and groove to it all. We dig them thoroughly and think you will too. If you haven’t heard their previous tracks, please go ahead and make those Soundcloud players squeal !

Here’s what Josh & Josh (the band members) have to say about the track :

Child is about how our perspectives can change so much in such short years in our youth, and often we realize so many things in hindsight only to learn more from life and mistakes. It is kind of a sigh of relief that things are going to be alright no matter if you are under the grey skys of Detroit or anywhere else.

So make sure you catch them when they tour near you. It’s a great band live too as I hear. And finally follow the online social profiles if you want up-to-the-minute updates from the talented pair of musicians (see below).

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