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You’ve heard of soul music, well, this is Seoul music. South Korea’s JOE CHO is whipping up some sunny R&B to help you cling on to this last month of summer, with his latest track “Wake U Up” bringing the easy vibes of the beach to your speakers wherever you might be holed up.

Sparkly Bossa Nova guitar kicks things off here, setting a vibe that’s equally conducive to kicking back or getting your wiggle on. Joe’s voice swings in, keeping up a great energy while still being careful not to disturb the chillness at hand. This isn’t the kind of background hangout music you might expect from the genre, not in the least. This is pop-tinged, personality-rich, catchy, breezy R&B ready to remedy any substellar mood.

Then I wake you up
Get you coffee in the morning
깜빡이는 눈빛 내게 먼저해줘
Kiss babe, yeah show me

And as you’ve might’ve noticed, the song is in Korean as well as English – perhaps a taste of home if you speak it, and a fun bit of mystery if you don’t. In any case, pour up a nice beach beverage and get this one spinning.

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