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Today, we’re presenting you with a great opportunity to say “I knew about these guys before they blew up” in the near future. Hailing from Orlando, seeyousoon is building on the tradition of the modern hip-hop collective put in place by the likes of A$AP Mob and Odd Future and solidified by Brockhampton. But, it’s the incredible amount of originality, swagger, and flair they bring to the table that has us convinced they’re capable of elevating that tradition to entirely new heights.

Admittedly, it was tough to pick just one track off of seeyousoon‘s debut project VIDÉ to talk about (see the PASSPORT below to drench yourself in all of their great work). And yet, “Steamy” just seems to embody everything that makes them inevitable.

The beauty of a collective is the diversity of creativity it allows. On “Steamy”, we get a cohesive blend of different styles spanning from the ridiculously rich production to each and every verse, none of which miss. Factor in the nice dose of pop appeal in the hook, some police sirens in the background, and you’re left with an absolute anthem for the time when out of control parties are finally feasible again.

Hands in the air one time
Bitch I’m on your neck until you feel it in your spine
Make it look easy but I do it all the time
Speakin’ on my name, yeah I heard it through the vine

Frankly, this is just too good to ignore. Seeyousoon is already generating some much-deserved buzz, but you still have a quickly shrinking chance to get in on the ground floor. Get this one spinning.


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