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Jumping on the bandwagon and a little late on this true gem, I apologize. But this is a definite must listen. Rude (yep that’s how they’re called). Five months ago, they dropped “Disco” their debut demo track (listen below) and were subsequently picked by Youtube channel behemoth Majestic Casual who literally blew them up left, right and center. Since that day, Rude has clocked close to 700,000 views. Finally, yesterday, they felt like dropping another banger upon us: “Heartbreaker”. And boy, were they soooo right.

I Don’t Love
I Don’t Do Love
I Don’t Love
I Don’t Do Love
I Won’t Love
I Want My Love

“Heartbreaker” is a fast paced 4 minute track. With a true signature sound transpiring through. Think of it as a commuting millennial kid typing away frantically on his iPhone to his lover. That’s the visual I get when I hear those percussion elements and the awesome vocals/lyrics the track includes. Rude delivers a stunning number yet again. And if you haven’t hooked yourselves on the track yet, do yourselves a favor : Spin it ! Also brace, because 2015 looks like a promising year for Rude. More on that later.

“Heartbreaker” will be available on iTunes on Valentines Day (14th February 2015) via -no pun intended- Love By Mistake.

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