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Before you hear anything from this duo called Malihini, you’ll be as intrigued as I was when I find out that this real life Italian couple made of Giampaolo Speziale and Federica Caiozzo are originally from Rome, have chosen a Hawaiian band name that means “Newcomer” and have recorded their upcoming album “Hopefully, Again” in the forgotten dreamscapes and beautiful back country that Wales, and more specifically Powys, has to offer. For having been there every year since the inception of yours truly. Basking in rolling fields of greenery, farming every summer with the grandparents on a very Welsh farm. I hold this part of the world and the nature surrounding it very dear to my heart. 

So naturally, when I came across the fact that they took the time and effort to trek all the way out there to Powys to record their debut album ‘Hopefully, Again’ with producer Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Ghostpoet, Darkstar). Malihini automagically went up my street-credibility radar a few hundred points.

Mahilini‘s title track ‘Hopefully, Again’ is as delicate as a newly-born lamb just getting up for his first steps on solid ground. The band describes the track as “superficially, pretty” which is quite accurate. Then comes in that unforgettable hook guitar over lingering drums that will have you addicted to their lyrical prowess in no time.

Giampaolo Speziale says of the track :

“It’s about when you’re first really into one another. When you try to be someone, as seen through the eyes of the other. It’s about flirting, and the moment when you come back from the slowness of depression, you dress up and you’re ready to confront with the fastness of love/life again”

“We write using only a guitar, a Casiotone keyboard, a toy synth and a drum machine. We’d start with loops and then just improvise melodies over the top, not listening back for three or four hours”

‘Hopefully, Again’ is accompanied by a video filmed and directed together by the band themselves from footage of their travels to Rome, Portugal, Sicily, Iceland and London.

We can’t help but think the duo will get to greater things as they’ve signed with Memphis Industries and with all this promising material to come out. We can only recommend you listen to the beautiful first track from their upcoming debut album:

Debut album ‘Hopefully, Again’ out on 8th March 2019 via Memphis Industries.


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