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FERRERO DJ, is spanish, from Barcelona and has a great habit of dropping soothing sounds into our earholes, on a regular basis. If You haven’t haven’t already check this one out, now’s the time. From FERRERO DJ himself :

This one a bit slower than usual. A bit more disco, funkier if you would like. It’s a bit less than an hour. This Podcast is FREE DOWNLOAD. Don’t be greedy and keep it only for you, share it with your mates :) Volume up. Follow me.

Barcelona walk by Ferrero DJ

L’Etranger played his magic fingers on Les Loups from Hanover, Germany :

Les Loups – Side To Side (L’Étranger Remix) – Umalu Recordings by Les Loups

Otherwise here are some downloads you should not be missing out on :

Casiokids via Moshi Moshi, dropped :

[download id=”584″]

And the rest :

[download id=”577,578,579,580,581,582,583″]

That is about it for today ! Enjoy the sounds and heat of this late-ish summer !


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