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Today, Yen Yen releases his latest single “WRUNG” after dropping ADKOL (A Different Kind Of Love), SH<3CUT and FLASHBACK. All part of the forthcoming six-track EP “GOODBYE” due out on March 31, 2021, via the trusted and ever on-point Cracki Records.

Adding insult to injury here with a clever, languid and beautifully shot video treatment by Anthelme Dubois that draws inspiration from Hong-Kong native cinematographer Wong Kar-Wai and the brilliant Scorsese number After Hours. Watch below for full experience…

Watch “WRUNG” by Yen Yen out today via Cracki Records:

Directed by Anthelme Dubois

“I never liked endings. Whether in books, films or songs. And worse yet: endings plain and simple. Probably why this track took me so long to complete. I took my time getting there. Taking the less carved roads via semi-epic power-ballad themes to Chic’s more evident rhythms. Eventually, I got there. Simple things are simple in appearance only. “WRUNG” is both a goodbye and a celebration…”

Yen Yen on the new single “WRUNG”

Théo Schittulli aka Yen Yen writes innovative songs about romance in our futuristic world. Tracks laced expertly with almighty synths lines, processed rhythms, and balanced auto-tuned guitar samples to give birth to real melancholia-driven pieces of music for the modern human being. They’re as much influenced by the lo-fi approach of Hype Williams as the fragile crooning of Roxy Music. Leaning towards the introspective and unhurried, his pop is resolutely modern, with a hint of sentimental R&B to cling onto if you feel a little lost.

#FF0 (For Fans Of): Hype Williams and Roxy Music.

Schittulli has been in and around the Parisian music scene for the past decade and more. Billing in bands such as Caandides, which I must add, their EP “Before The Art” hasn’t aged a bit in the decade it’s been out and is still a regular spin in my earholes. But also Two Bunnies In Love and his current solo project as Yen Yen and side-gigs producing, playing, and writing for other creatives too.

Yen Yen

Out March 31, 2021
via Cracki Records


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