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Never have my grey cells worked so intensively in such a short amount of time. The last two days of this week were particularly hard to overcome. Information is stuffed into our heads and they expect us to apply it to practical exercises. It’s not vague information like other subjects. We’re talking numbers, positions, drills, procedures to follow by the letter and be as accurate as possible. Like for example, we have an emergency evacuation somewhere over the North Sea. Well in order to prevent any deaths (I didn’t say we could save any), us as Cabin Crew would follow certain procedures to maximise the evacuation process and finally help save as many lives as possible. And this starts from take-off. Once a situation arises, then we have to act like lions and be ready for the worse, no matter what state the aircraft is in ! So there is emergency equipment located in various areas of the aircraft. Every Cabin Crew is assigned to a door, that she or he will operate in an evacuation. Along with the door, we are responsible for a section of the passengers sitting close to that door we’re in charge of. In an evacuation situation we would secure that portion of the aircraft, locate the emergency equipment we would take with us on the raft, and we are expected to do so. In order to learn all these drills, our Red Manual (see previous posts) will list all the doors and their responsibilities. WE HAVE TO LEARN THEM OFF BY HEART ALONG WITH THE LOCATION OF ALL THE EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT LOCATED ON THE AIRCRAFT ! It’s a big deal. If we don’t, we do not pass GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) requirements. And therefore are not able to fly. So this weekend will be devoted to those drills and learning them by heart in order to pass the exam on Monday. We’ll be gathering with my batch mates to practice.

Otherwise, a few of the trainees here with me have come up to me and recognized me as Airboy. I’m thinking of Maria (Australia), Oli (London/Brazil?), Melissa who lives in the same building as me… and others I can’t remember the names (sooo sooorrryy). Nice to see the blog is getting some audience, thanks google !

Yesterday was Thursday, and it’s party night in Cabin Crew minds here. Get smashed and dance away to music till the clubs close. That is a basic here ! After long hard weeks, the moment we can let things go is on Thurdays & Fridays. So we hit up Souk Madinat Jumeirah which is located near Burj Al Arab 7 star Hotel to start off the evening and have a few drinks. The place is huge, part of Jumeirah Beach Hotel and has many lounge bars. Packed with tourists and foreign crowds. Fun but not enough. So we decided to hit up Barasti but by that time I was feeling hella tired. Remember we get up at 5.30 am every morning and it was 2 o’ clock in the morning when I got to bed !

And today was dedicated to homework… Voilà, that’s all from me here ! Speak to you soon !

  1. Hey there,

    I was actually back-tracking links to my site when I came across yours randomly. Then I saw the video and thought “That place is a mirror image to my apartment!” Freaked me out for sure 🙂

    So… if you need help with training or anything, let me know. Am in 1102 when I’m not flying to India or Africa, which is where scheduling make me spend most of my time these days. Will brew a spot of tea for you! 🙂

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