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A quintet lies behind the band name Bedstudy. They originally hail from Orlando, Florida and have now regrouped in Brooklyn, New York to make music. A project they started a few days after the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub. They simply dubbed the track “Ø (Arms Away)”. A beautifully written song, executed piece of music and very delicate producing has gone into the debut track by Bedstudy. It shouldn’t come as a surprise thought, because they have some serious talent backing the effort, coupled with wide ranging skillsets that’ll pale any other five-piece in their league…

Comprised of Ranson on Drums, grammy nominated David on production duties, Peter on the vocals, Christina also on vocals and parts of the production as well as John Paul on keys and the track being mixed by Andy Baldwin who also work with the likes of Haerts and Bjork as well as Joe LaPorta who mastered the EP and previously worked with Run The Jewels, David Bowie and Little Dragon to name a few… There’s really no shortage of awesome around this project and having had an early exclusive listen to the entire EP slotted for close release I can tell you this is a strong project.

And you wouldn’t lose any time in following these talented souls on their online profiles (further down) and listening to the Soul/R&B number they’ve just released as an appetizer for what is to come:

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