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We had warned you FAIRE were on a roll. The energetic, loud, colorful – both in language and metaphors – Parisian trio have landed yet another EP appropriately named “C’est L’été” (out today, June 23rd via microqlima). Another bold statement in a saturated landscape of nonsensical music being put out. Faire have mastered the art of delivering high-octane instrumentals under incisive lyrics and a raw punk attitude that was missing for so long in the French music environment.

Watch “Christianne” by FAIRE

Directed by FAIRE.

With “Cest l’été” EP (translate to ‘It’s Summer!’) announcing the turn into the best season of the year, the Gaule-wave band have got busy with another set of truly remarkable tracks that will rock any festival they’ll be attending during the season and beyond. Since we last covered their raucous sound, they’ve signed and are managed by the talented people over at microqlima (the same stable Pépite, Fishbach and Cliché are from) and booking agency The Talent Boutique ;-).

It’s three piece affair with Raphael on synths and organ, Simon on synthesizers and guitar and Romain on rhythms and percussion. They all hail from Paris, France but seem to have plenty of pages stamped in their respective passports. They have a love affair with Mexico it seems and Mexico seems to have a love affair with their DIY approach and do-it-all energy only young punk bands like Faire manage to pull-off.

Live, it’s a whole other ball-game. The press kit puts it so eloquently we thought:

A FAIRE concert is nothing short of legendary: you have an idea of when it starts, not so much where it’s all going. They’ll take you on an improvised journey, with psychedelic guitars and discologic beats that will hypnotize the front row and won’t stop until they make the back row swing.


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