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It’s all about a skillful French artist named Flora Fishbach, on our radar since she dropped her debut EP ‘Fishbach” in 2015 with the brilliant track “Mortel”. The kind of artist that would easily be ignored if it wasn’t for the sheer amount of critics name-dropping her for being the ‘french renouveau’ of chanson française. She will release her debut album ‘A Ta Merci’ on January 27th. We genuinely think of it as a poignant tour de force. An effort that will define her career. Twelve tracks composed with great mastery in the vocal delivery or the dark, sharp and incisive songwriting.

From the lyrics, to the great instrumentation, the body of work showcases the cohesiveness of the album. From the first track, to the last. With it’s 80’s synths, aesthetics and temper, Fishbach manages to grab your attention and pull you in her addictive lamant. Just like Catherine Ringer did with the Rita Mitsouko in her prime. Melancholy is also a huge part here. In colors, soundscapes and waves, you’ll find yourself surfing extremely close to Françoise Hardy in no time. Bringing back memories from “Les Temps de L’Amour”.

Élancée comme une panthère dans la fumée
Le regard noir, le visage fier, le pas feutré
Ce qu’on a découvert sur terre m’a fait pleurer
Oui j’avais l’air et la manière d’aimer

Fishbach is only in her twenties. And to provide such a compelling craft, that young, only goes to show there will be plenty more to come. In the meantime, indulge in these tracks from the album and check out the tracklist and click for lyrics below :

  1. Ma voie lactée
  2. Y crois-tu
  3. Eternité
  4. Un beau langage
  5. Un autre que moi
  6. Feu
  7. On me dit tu
  8. Invisible désintégration de l’univers
  9. Le château
  10. Mortel
  11. Le meilleur de la fête
  12. A ta merci
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Fishbach‘s A Ta Merci is out January 27th 2017 via Entreprise.

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