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Thank god for backups. Especially with emails we receive. Got through some backlog yesterday and would like to apologize for the delayed response to a lot of submissions. Not only was I on holidays for most of February, a hitch had found its way in the contact form. Rendering it useless and not notifying me/us of impending inbox deliveries. So again, my bad, but we have resolved the issue and hope you will forgive us… You can now use/abuse the contact form here and get in touch with us…

One submission in particular caught my ears. Sent in by Simon, member of the parisian band FAIRE who brilliantly describe their sound as “Gaule Wave / Surf Tek / Psych France”. They have a creative hand in every aspect of their project.

Think of it as some DIY punk, ‘à la’ La Femme with some Rita Mitsouko lyrically, and a rock approach akin to the golden years of Noir Désir.

It’s three piece affair with Raphael on synths and organ, Simon on synthesizers and guitar and Romain on rhythms and percussion. They all hail from Paris, France but seem to have plenty of pages stamped in their respective passports. Mostly down to having recorded most of their latest EP “Savoir” (listen below) in New York City and have been touring North America recently, although currently spending some quality time in Mexico City (from which I just returned from, funnily enough, serendipity huh!).

C’est là que Christiane intervient, elle veut finir ça au plus vite
Et à la chaîne, elle les enchaînent et aye aye putain ça pique
Pensant à ses quatres gamins, elle gagne du blé et elle astique

The Track “Christiane” is something to absolutely indulge in, roll yourself in, it’s so well done … From the frantic speed of the composition, the great lyrics about a french hooker hovering over many men’s privates to earn enough money to get food on the table and so on… EVERY BIT OF THE TRACK has something to cheer for, and cherish…Like a modern post-apocalyptic lullaby you’ll learn by heart and singalong to… A real urban legend. Listen and also don’t miss out on getting yourself a kinky free download via Bandcamp for the low (Name Your Price) cost of an email… :

Follow FAIRE on : Website | Instagram | ​​Soundcloud | Facebook

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