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Are you ready for a stunning song that’ll redefine how you live this weekend? It doesn’t matter if you’re set for a low-key afternoon or ready to party it up with your closest friends because “Truly Yours” by Fether is an indie electronica dream here to make all your nostalgic wishes come true. This sweeping tune from the mysterious act Fether is delicate, elegiac and terrifyingly powerful, kind of like those love-at-first sight moments you see in wedding photos. We can’t wait to hear more from this Toronto-based act.

If you’re a fan waiting for music from the likes of mAsisCHINAH, Vallis Alps… then Fether‘s debut song “Truly Yours” is truly meant for you.Let the soft vocals and bass lines drive you from the beginning of “Truly Yours” right to the end where you hit replay, again.

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