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Miguel who hails from Brussels inboxed this brilliant track over the weekend, and we only saw it now : blame the Pitchfork Music Festivities for the lack of posts lately… I’m in the process of catching up with the backlog of emails, PRs, and post reading of the competition to see what I’ve missed out on. Also checking on the beloved and always useful Hype Machine trends to skim through the good stuff. Back to Jetlag. Apparently very new on the house scene with his latest project, hence the blog approach, but obviously the guys have talent as you’ll hear a little further when you hit play on this little diamond of a chilled track which samples vocals from Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman”. Jetlag‘s influences include Amine Edge, Cyril Hahn, Le Youth to name a few… Make sure you follow his social estates too, as you’ll certainly hear more in the near future from this Belgian duo : JETLAG. Enjoy + download at will, share with your friends & family…

Jetlag – Every Woman [audio:https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Every-Woman.mp3]

Jetlag is the unique brainchild of Renato Márquez (29) and Miguel Fernandez (23).

They met a couple of years ago, both passionate about music. Renato Marquez has been active in the Belgian music scene for over a the years, mainly performing as a violin player. Miguel Fernandez has been experimenting for a while with Ableton, leading to his electronic music project called Sirdeckster.

You should also give this a listen when you get a few spare minutes, just because it will spin your head big time (in a good way) :

A couple of months ago they decided to start producing together leading to a deep, progressive sound merged with groovy vocals.

Follow Jetlag on : Soundcloud | Facebook

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