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Speelburg is no stranger in fact to Sodwee.com. He is/was lead singer in a Brighton band we covered quite a while ago, called Almighty Planets. However, it is as a Solo artist that Noah Sacré (his real name) shines. Here’s his first track called Aubrey. And by the looks of things, he also recently signed with a label. Expect more from the American/Belgian producer in the coming month. We don’t really know the direction his music will take, but rest assured you’ll hear more from him.

Speelburg - Aubrey - sodwee.com - Noah Sacré

“Aubrey” is about a real person with a fictional name. It’s plenty of soulful vocals, jazz injections and an effective electro underlining. Complementing each other very well. Unwind to this track with a Gin & Tonic, topped with a slither of carefully appointed lemon, and a side of Watermelon, which also happens to be his favorite fruit.

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