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Sydney (yep down under) duo Jackie Onassis are a well kept secret in Australian hip-hop but not for much longer as they rise far beyond their own borders. Vocalist Kai and producer Raph, are the newest members of the One Day crew.

Kai’s sharp delivery with rich, catchy melodies blended with Raph’s beats turns lush synths and electronica into something quite special. Add warm samples, 808 drums and live instruments to create a distinct and truly unique style of production. Jackie Onassis’ explosive live show have already caught the attention of many. Melbourne MC Illy felt the buzz and hand-picked the duo to open on his tour. Check out the selection we’ve compiled below for you. Then head to their website to download the full ‘Holiday’ EP :

Jackie Onassis – Smoke Trails

Jackie Onassis – Trying To Do It Right

Jackie Onassis – Holiday ft. Spit Syndicate

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