[MP3] Azekel – Get It On (T.Rex / XXYYXX Cover)

Not very much do we know about Azekel, but this pop – R&B singer is definately high on Schmike’s agenda (one of our favourite blogger from Bristol : ilovepie.co.uk). What we do know however, is that he’s made quite a wave with his cover/mashup of T. Rex “Get It On” and XXYYXX’s “alone instrumental, getting a few influencial blogs in a frenzy already. Azekel’s cover is a very well produced and executed jam you can download below along with T.Rex’s original piece for those born after 1990 and might not know of this cult band or haven’t seen the kick-arse movie “Billy Elliot” yet… Azekel is from East-London and is on the rise dudes, dudettes keep an eye :

Azekel – Get It On (T-Rex / XXYYXX cover)

Passport :

T-Rex – Bang A Gong Get It On

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