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We’ve already talked about the forecast LABEL in detail just under a few days ago and felt obliged not to pass on this opportunity to introduce you to the talented Sir S’Qui as he joined Olivier (artistic director of forecast) for our little chat.


Sir S’Qui is Johan, a French DJ/producer who joined forecast LABEL not too long ago and made his space within the pool of artists already enrolled by bringing his spacious, often ethereal tunes to the mix. Dubbed as “The King of all Squirrels” (that’s how he describes himself) and with a background in black metal, unexpected and quite surprising considering the music he now drops, and a love for all things good in music especially in hip-hop and rock. Sir S’Qui is a bass player himself, you can feel that in his sets and composition to the point where his bass lines should completely absorb any drums around in less than a measure. And boy do we like us some heavy bass at sodwee.com, listen for yourself with this track called “Rolling Beachs” :

But Johan, his real name, is a passionate tree-hugger / nature lover and it transpires in all the compositions. You can now understand where his nickname comes from : “he enjoys quality nuts”. Huge fan of Loco Dice, Amon Tobin amongst others, he doesn’t like to work, instead, he’d rather indulge with his close friends. Just as a late libertarian would but only more fervent.

What is a Neuromediator ? A word I discovered in his Soundcloud description and has since been delicately placed in a few conversations, for my own little pleasure…

Cell surface receptors that bind signalling molecules released by neurons and convert these signals into intracellular changes influencing the behavior of cells.

Finally check out this fantastic 23 minute mixed by Sir S’Qui for forecast. Sir S’Qui will release his debut EP on the 25th of January 2013 with full support from forecast team and of course us at Sodwee.com


Follow Sir S’Qui on : Facebook | Soundcloud | forecast LABEL

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