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In a true Parisian enclave. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Oberkampf nightlife hotspot just a few steps away. Its in a design / upholstery / furniture shop that Fran, also known as Ajimal stage-side, got a hold of me to join in for a one off Sofar sounds happening, a secret gig announced only a few hours before the event. A tiny attendance of say sixty people maximum to enjoy the night amongst beautiful designed furniture and beautiful fireplace where we could actually have a smoke INSIDE… 60 people is being pessimistic. They had to move a few objects around to fit in a few more invitees in. Which is always a good sign. Ajimal, from Newcastle struck me the first time with his powerful, yet gentle voice and his ability to have different band members from one show to the next just makes it that much more unpredictable and interesting.

And while we’re waiting for the Sofar video to be published, we’ll indulge ourselves with this live version of : “If I’d Known Your Heart” (personal fave), he played this one last in his Paris set and “The Sea Inside” taken from his Sofar London set late last year :

And true to my words, this time was more of an acoustic set amongst a typical Parisian crowd. Halfway through his set, Ajimal had to ask for the previous band’s guitar because his wasn’t tuned : the weather is to blame here. Ajimal carried on to finish his four song set (4 different bands, 4 songs each). A beautiful live all together we can finally say we’ve seen Ajimal. He’s been on our top 10 must see since the day we featured him here and would definitely recommend his EP, live performances and appearances. He will not disappoint and will be on our radar…



We will update this post with the Sofar video once it’s published so you get a feel for the voice and general ambiance of this cool place.


AJIMAL – I’ve Known Your Heart (The Blank Sessions)

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