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No need to present you Cautious Clay. If you’ve been reading this little ol’ blog of mine for a while now, you should have come across our multiple ravings about this R&B artist before. Cautious Clay is back once again this year-end with brand new single “Reasons” whom he collaborated with with Hudson Mohawk and Tobias Jesso Jr., you know him already because he’s that talented shy guy who wrote Adele’s “When We Were Young” hyper-hit.

Quite the collaborators for Cautious Clay that signals a change of gears for the young artist. “Reasons” is the first single off of an yet to be titled upcoming EP that will see a full release early-ish next year. And with Tobias Jesso Jr. and Hudson Mohawk in tow. Be sure to see Cautious Clay really take off and achieve huge things in 2019.

The sharp, clean-cut nature of the production takes Cautious Clay to a new creative level all together. Touching upon the relation and natural equation of pleasure and purpose and how these can actually relate to the idea of happiness. Listen to the brilliance thrown in this new single “Reasons” and don’t forget to follow Cautious Clay via his socials for more up-to-the-minute updates from the talent himself.


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