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Ohhh dear, Tuesdays are probably the single best day in the whole week ! A constant stream of emails, new tracks, new HUGE TUNES to be discovered and enjoyed. After Raye, this morning, here’s another true banger from Sylas who has just released some golden nuggets in the form of a three-track double sided 12 inch record : ‘Shore’ EP via AESOP. And the last track on the record, effectively a B-side, holds a monster-tune : “Layer” featuring Jelani Blackman and well, non-other than famous Brian Eno in person.

The whole value in the production is amazing, from the details, to the Christopher Nolan‘esque poum-poum-poum-hmmmpph-hmmmph epic sounds elements. Every layer you will decipher as you listen to the tracks complement each other in a very impressive manner. Giving you the impression of being extremely safe, wherever you would be standing. Whether it be next to a road-rage induced Batmobile or a cotton-cloud floating in the midst of war-torn New York city… get my drift ? Add to that, the brilliant collaboration with British vocalist Jelani Blackman, the contribution-from-heaven by Brian Eno and You’ve got the perfect contender for an roller-coaster ride of a listening session. Headphones highly recommended. Turn it up peeps.

The ‘Shore’ EP was recorded in South London and german uber-city Frankfurt and marks the debut release for Sylas. You can grab a hard-copy via AESOP. Or go digital with iTunes today !

[title maintitle=”Tracklist” subtitle=”Shore EP – 12″”]

  1. Shore (A1)
  2. Hollow (B1)
  3. Layer Feat. Jelani Blackman & Brian Eno (B2)
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