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We’re glad to report that the duo WESLEE (made of Emma and Josh) are still around and well in the game. The London-born duo have relocated to the US, namely New York and Los Angeles and have been hard at work producing some real gems lately. Including this newly dropped track titled “London Love” which shines a light on the attachement one feels about their hometown or city. In WESLEE‘s case, the vocalist Emma wrote this piece about how “you can take the girl outta London, but not London outta the girl“. Check out the rest of the quote below and the brilliant single they’ve put out further down.

“London Love” is honestly just my reality, ha! Living in NY and now LA, I’ve had my run-ins with American guys but there’s just something about a London boy that gets me every time. This song to me is a love song in a way, not to the boys but more the city itself! What can I say – you can take the girl outta London, but not London outta the girl.

Check out more from the duo in our previous coverage… slide into our PASSPORT section below…


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