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STORME, aka Amanda Liedberg on vocals and Gabriele Mazza on production duties, are a Swedish/Italian duo making immersive Scandinavian dream pop, that could well sit snugly in between the likes of Kate Bush, Chvrches, Robyn and Sia.

They return with their latest single, ‘Ticket To Heaven’ out last Friday, 14th June.

What we wrote when introducing STORME to the world back in December of 2016 still applies astonishingly today: “A duo that delivers staggeringly good vocals and lyrics on a plate of very well produced layers of playful melodies and grandiose beats.”

Amanda and Gabriele explain the track in a little more detail here:

Ticket to Heaven is a song about being reborn”. Swedish front woman Amanda Liedberg explains. “It’s not meant to be a religious song, but I spoke of God, as I felt I needed somebody or something out there to hear me.” Gabriele Mazza, the group’s producer, put his unique twist on it. “He made it sound hopeful, like a wake-up call.” Continued Amanda. “Developing an ethereal quality that helps you float in space and time. We hope this song gives you the same feeling, a feeling of being awakened.


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