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The first few notes sold the deal for Storme‘s newest track and overall sound direction she’s taken. “Soldier” troops on as predicted with great effect as we heard the track a few days ago. Big, sweeping sounds from Scandinavia. Sweden more precisely. Storme is a London based musician delivering staggeringly good vocals and lyrics on a plate of very well produced layers of playful melodies and grandiose beats.

She powers on with “Soldier”. This is a hit single, trust us. One that makes or breaks a career. One that is hard to top and one that is hard to top twice. Future will tell us whether Storme has more in her magic hat. Storme seems to float in inspiration from a various array of artists such as Florence & The Machine, Bjork, and Bon Iver. The track itself was produced by UK Drummer Adam Betts (he also worked with Goldie, Squarepusher and more)… In the meantime do bask in cheer bliss with the track “Soldier”.

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