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Back in December of 2016, we first came across this new upcoming talent based in London, originally from Sweden. She is called Storme and had just released her stellar track “Soldier” upon us offering big, sweeping sounds from Scandinavia. Delivering staggeringly good vocals and lyrics on a plate of very well produced layers of playful melodies and grandiose beats. Today Storme is back with new single ‘Burning Echoes’. And she’s upping the anti once more, turning her newest track into an anthemic number of brilliantly produced electronic elements, massive chorus and catchy melodies.

Storme drew inspiration from the breath-taking landscape, and her thoughts and feelings of the world around her. It is without doubt that the singer-songwriter will make 2017 her breakout year. Hopefully you’re like myself, in awe with the powerful tracks she’s put out so far.

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