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Boy Scout, that mysterious band from London, return with their second impressive track called “Bitter Blue” after dropping a very convincing debut title “Get Me By” back in April. The singer/producer duo have been commissioned by the TV show “Made In Chelsea” and should take off nicely over the summer before the release of their debut EP !

Listen to their second single “Bitter Blue” below :


With a less oppressive, lighter general feel to whole composition compared to the first track. Boy Scout come back in high-fashion. Using simplistic methods and carefully layering the synth lines and percussions to perfection in this “Bitter Blue” delivery. It almost feels like the track is rewinding itself all the while the vocals and lyrics carry their unstoppable journey. A great metaphorically genius physical impression of bitterness in our humble opinion.

Towards the end of the journey, if you lean your ear over well enough, you’ll be able to decipher a line from the previous track “Get Me By” (stream below) in the far distance. A small attention to detail that just shows how much work and reflection actually goes into Boy Scout‘s output. Plenty of easter eggs to come we thinks for this relatively new mystery band.

Just something I dream of while I’m passing the time.

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